Lesson Worksheet: Drawing and Measuring Bearings Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice drawing and measuring bearings.


Find the bearing of 𝐵 from 𝐴.


Find the bearing of 𝐵 from 𝐴.


Find the bearing of 𝐴 from 𝐵.


A plane flies on the bearing shown. The control tower told the pilot to fly due west toward the airport. Which of the following is the angle the pilot should turn through?

  • A137 clockwise
  • B90 counterclockwise
  • C270 counterclockwise
  • D133 counterclockwise
  • E223 clockwise


A ship sails on the bearing shown. Due to bad weather, it must change its direction to a bearing of 138. Which of the following is the angle the ship will turn through?

  • A118 clockwise
  • B76 clockwise
  • C138 clockwise
  • D200 counterclockwise
  • E222 counterclockwise


Fill in the blanks using the appropriate words from the following (clockwise, counterclockwise, north, or east): A bearing is an angle measured in a direction from the line.

  • Acounterclockwise, east
  • Bcounterclockwise, north
  • Cclockwise, east
  • Dclockwise, north


The following diagram shows two boats, 𝐵 and 𝐶, at the same distance from a lighthouse, 𝐴. Boat 𝐵 is on a bearing of 100 from point 𝐴, while lighthouse 𝐴 is on a bearing of 032 from boat 𝐶. Find the bearing of boat 𝐵 from boat 𝐶.


Which of the following diagrams represents the bearing of 𝐵 from 𝐴, given that the bearing of 𝐴 from 𝐵 is 220?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


In the following diagram, point 𝐵 is on a bearing of 060 from point 𝐴 and 𝑚𝐴𝐵𝐶=102. Find the bearing of point 𝐵 from point 𝐶.

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