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Lesson Worksheet: Energy, Work, and Force Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining energy and work and relating energy to force and work.


What is the scientific term for the ability to do work?

  • AForce
  • BEnergy
  • CSpeed
  • DMotion


The amount of energy transferred by a force to move an object is called .

  • Amotion
  • Bspeed
  • Cpotential energy
  • Dwork


If you have 2 typical toy trucks A and B and you give truck A a hard push and truck B a gentle push, then which truck will have more energy and why?

  • ATruck A, because you used more force to move it
  • BTruck A, because you used less force to move it
  • CTruck B, because you used less force to move it
  • DTruck B, because you used more force to move it


True or False: As the force applied by a person to a moving vehicle increases, its energy increases and the work increases.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Objects A and B travel the same distance. Object A experiences a stronger applied force than object B. Therefore, the work done is .

  • Athe same in objects A and B
  • Blarger in object A
  • Clarger in object B
  • Dzero in both objects

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