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Lesson Worksheet: Evaluating Higher-Degree Algebraic Expressions Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice evaluating algebraic expressions of more than one degree with one or multiple variables and applying this in real-world problems.


Find the value of (๐‘Žโˆ’๐‘)๏Šจ given ๐‘Ž=389 and ๐‘=โˆ’79.


Given that ๐‘Ž=โˆš5 and ๐‘=โˆš2, find the value of ๐‘+๐‘Ž๐‘+๐‘Ž๏Šฉ๏Šฉ.

  • A7โˆ’โˆš10
  • Bโˆ’21
  • C7โˆ’โˆš7
  • Dโˆ’3
  • E7+โˆš10


The formula to calculate the volume of a sphere is ๐‘‰=43๐œ‹๐‘Ÿ๏Šฉ.

Make ๐‘Ÿ the subject.

  • A๐‘Ÿ=๏„ž3๐‘‰4๐œ‹๏Žข
  • B๐‘Ÿ=๏„ž3๐‘‰4๐œ‹
  • C๐‘Ÿ=3๐‘‰4๐œ‹
  • D๐‘Ÿ=๏„ž4๐œ‹๐‘‰3๏Žข
  • E๐‘Ÿ=๏„ž4๐‘‰3๐œ‹๏Žข

Find the radius of a sphere with a volume of 900 cubic centimeters. Give your answer accurate to two decimal places.


Evaluate (3๐‘ก+8)รท2๏Šจ for ๐‘ก=โˆ’2.


Given that ๐‘=213, ๐‘=โˆ’223, and ๐‘‘=412, evaluate ๏€ผโˆ’13๐‘๏ˆโ‹…3๐‘๐‘‘๏Šฉ.

  • A502227
  • Bโˆ’167681
  • C84
  • Dโˆ’502227
  • E167681


Given that ๐‘=๐‘š(1+๐‘Ÿ)๏Š, find ๐‘ when ๐‘š=7.4ร—10๏Šฉ, ๐‘Ÿ=5.8ร—10๏Šฑ๏Šฉ, and ๐‘›=6.


Given that ๐‘ฅ=12,๐‘ฆ=โˆ’23, and ๐‘ง=โˆ’13, find the numerical value of ๐‘ฅ๐‘ฆ๐‘ฆ+๐‘ง๏Šจ๏Šจ.

  • Aโˆ’25
  • Bโˆ’59
  • Cโˆ’19
  • D29
  • Eโˆ’23


Given that ๐‘ฅ=8(5+9)โˆ’6 and ๐‘ฆ=(7ร—2)โˆ’9๏Šจ๏Šจ, evaluate (๐‘ฅโˆ’๐‘ฆ)โˆ’7๏Šจ๏Šจ.


Given that ๐‘š+1๐‘š=โˆ’6, what is the value of ๐‘š+1๐‘š๏Šจ๏Šจ?


Given that ๐‘Ž=โˆ’4, ๐‘=12, and ๐‘=โˆ’5, determine the numerical value of the expression ๐‘Ž๐‘+๐‘๐‘+6๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘๏Šจ๏Šจ๏Šจ๏Šจ.

  • A2494
  • B1232
  • C14
  • D2814

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