Worksheet: Food Webs

In this worksheet, we will practice interpreting the interdependent relationships of organisms in ecosystems using food webs.


Each link of the food chain is named according to what the organism eats and how it contributes to the energy of the ecosystem.

Fill in the blank: Plants are . They produce energy for the ecosystem through the process known as photosynthesis.

  • Aproducers
  • Bdecomposers
  • Cconsumers


Fill in the blank: Animals are . They do not produce energy; they use it.

  • Adecomposers
  • Bconsumers
  • Cproducers


Look carefully at the food web shown. Plants are called producers as they produce the food which starts all food chains.

Where do all living things get their energy from?

  • AThe Sun
  • BPlants
  • CInsects
  • DBirds


What is the source of all energy in a food chain?

  • AThe producer
  • BThe consumer
  • CThe predator
  • DThe sun


Fill in the blank: Animals that eat plants are called primary consumers. These animals can also be classified as .

Zebra-72 ppi
  • Adecomposers
  • Bherbivores
  • Ccarnivores


Name the primary consumer in this food web.

  • AThe eagle
  • BThe grasshopper
  • CThe frog
  • DThe python


Name the producer in this food web.

  • AThe mouse
  • BThe snake
  • CThe eagle
  • DThe plant


Fungi do not produce their own food. They consume dead plants and animals.

How would they be classified in an ecosystem?

Mushroom grows on old tree
  • AConsumers
  • BDecomposers
  • CProducers


Worms are decomposers. What role do decomposers play in ecosystems?

  • ADecomposers produce food using energy from the Sun.
  • BDecomposers consume living animals.
  • CDecomposers help put nutrients back into the soil.


Fill in the blank: Animals that eat other animals are called secondary consumers or .

Cheetahs and the tail muscles-72 ppi
  • Aherbivores
  • Bdecomposers
  • Ccarnivores


Organisms in an ecosystem depend on each other for survival. Diagrams called food webs (or chains) are used to show these dependent relationships.

How do food chains begin?

  • AWith an animal
  • BWith a plant


Name the two producers in the food web shown.

  • AZooplankton and phytoplankton
  • BFish and crab
  • CPhytoplankton and seaweed
  • DBlue whale and leopard seal

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