Worksheet: Mass Percentage

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the mass of each component in a solution or mixture as a percentage of the total mass.


In concentrated hydrochloric acid, the H C l concentration is 12 M and the density is 1.18 g/mL. What is the weight percent (% w/w) of concentrated H C l ?

  • A 5 . 1 %
  • B 1 4 %
  • C 1 2 %
  • D 3 7 %
  • E 9 8 %


Calculate the mass of salt that must be added to 150 g of water to prepare a solution that is 15.00% salt by mass.


Fill in the blank:

  • Amass number of X
  • Batomic number of X
  • Cnumber of moles of X
  • Dmass of X
  • Enumber of moles of Y

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