Lesson Worksheet: Ratio and Proportion Eleven Plus

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems by finding equivalent proportions.


A music app pays artists 32 pence for every 100 times their songs are streamed.

How much do they pay an artist for 250 streams of a song?

  • A70 pence
  • B48 pence
  • C80 pence
  • D64 pence
  • E90 pence


Myla’s cat eats 3 kg of dry cat food in 15 days.

There are 4.5 kg of dry cat food in 3 packs.

How many dry cat food packs are needed to feed the cat for 30 days?

  • A3
  • B1
  • C2
  • D5
  • E4


Sometimes, Vic works in his aunt’s shop on the weekend. He’s paid a fixed amount for each hour he works.

He earned £45.50 by working 5 hours on the first weekend and £27.30 in 3 hours on the second weekend.

How much will he earn by working 11 hours?

  • A£81.90
  • B£136.50
  • C£72.80
  • D£100.10


Maya swims in a club.

In 3 weeks, she swims 24 km.

What distance does Maya swim in 5 weeks?

  • A8 km
  • B120 km
  • C72 km
  • D50 km
  • E40 km


Alan makes a toy model of his house, using the scale of 1 cm to 0.3 m.

If the front of the toy house is 30 cm long, how long is the front of the actual house?

  • A30 m
  • B10 m
  • C9 m
  • D3 m
  • E6 m


Alan swims 775 m in one training session.

What distance does he swim in 14 training sessions?

  • A10‎ ‎850 m
  • B17‎ ‎075 m
  • C10‎ ‎750 m
  • D9‎ ‎850 m


Amin reads that a degreasing solution can be made by adding one cup of soda crystals to 0.5 L of water.

He wants to prepare a degreasing solution with 1.5 L of water.

How many cups of soda crystals does he need?

  • A0.5
  • B2
  • C13
  • D3
  • E1.5


This is a graph that converts cups of milk to grams.

Use the graph to work out the number of grams of milk in 10 cups.

  • A4‎ ‎200 g
  • B1‎ ‎200 g
  • C1‎ ‎800 g
  • D2‎ ‎400 g
  • E240 g


6 identical pens cost £8.10.

How much do 4 pens cost?

  • A£5.50
  • B£5.55
  • C£5.40
  • D£5.35
  • E£5.45


Shaun’s cat weighs 4 kg.

He bought a 1.8 kg pack of dry cat food.

It is written on the pack to give the cat 50 g of food every day for each kilogram that it weighs.

For how many days should the pack of cat food last?

  • A8
  • B12
  • C36
  • D9
  • E18

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