Lesson Worksheet: The Human Urinary System Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the parts and functions of the human urinary system.


Which of the following is a function of the urinary system?

  • AFiltering waste from the blood
  • BDigesting food
  • CRemoving waste through sweat
  • DAdding waste to the blood


What is the function of the ureters?

  • ATransporting blood from the kidneys to the heart
  • BStoring urine until it exits the body
  • CTransferring urine from the kidneys to the bladder
  • DFiltering waste from the blood


Below is a diagram of the urinary system. Which label points to the kidneys?

  • ALabel 2
  • BLabel 3
  • CLabel 1
  • DLabel 4


Which label points to the organ that stores urine until it exits the body?

  • ALabel 1
  • BLabel 2
  • CLabel 3
  • DLabel 4


Pick the type of waste that is not excreted by the urinary system.

  • AUrea
  • BSalts
  • CUric acid
  • DCarbon dioxide
  • ENitrogenous wastes


Which of these is a function of the urinary system?

  • ATo bring oxygen into the body through breathing
  • BTo transport digested food and oxygen throughout the body
  • CTo allow the body to feel, taste, touch, smell, and hear
  • DTo filter wastes from the blood and dissolve them in water to create urine
  • ETo digest and absorb food


Pick the diagram that shows the correct position of the urinary system within the human body.

  • A
  • B


Look at the diagram.

Which organ in the urinary system is label 5?

  • AThe bladder
  • BA vein
  • CThe ureter
  • DThe kidney
  • EAn artery


Here is a diagram of the urinary system with some parts labeled.

Which part carries blood containing harmful nitrogenous wastes to the kidneys?

  • ALabel 1
  • BLabel 4
  • CLabel 5
  • DLabel 3
  • ELabel 2


Look at the diagram showing the position of the lungs within the human body.

Pick the answer that describes the position of the urinary system compared to the lungs.

  • AThe urinary system is above the lungs.
  • BThe urinary system is next to the lungs.
  • CThe urinary system is in front of the lungs.
  • DThe urinary system is below the lungs.
  • EThe urinary system is behind the lungs.

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