Lesson Worksheet: Division and Fractions Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice representing the answer to a division problem with a division sentence, a fraction, and models.


Rewrite 𝑝12 as a division.

  • A𝑝÷12
  • B𝑝÷12𝑝
  • C12𝑝÷𝑝
  • D12÷𝑝
  • E12Γ·12𝑝


If Mariam is 5 years old, and her mother is 30 years old, what fraction of her mother’s age is Mariam? Express the answer in the simplest form.

  • A75
  • B56
  • C16
  • D17
  • E57


Rewrite π‘₯Γ·7 as a fraction.

  • Aπ‘₯7π‘₯
  • B77π‘₯
  • C7π‘₯π‘₯
  • Dπ‘₯7
  • E7π‘₯


Rewrite 25÷𝑑 as a fraction.

  • A𝑑25
  • B2525𝑑
  • C25𝑑25
  • D25𝑑
  • E𝑑25𝑑


Rewrite 44β„Ž as a division.

  • Aβ„ŽΓ·44β„Ž
  • Bβ„ŽΓ·44
  • C44Γ·44β„Ž
  • D44β„ŽΓ·β„Ž
  • E44Γ·β„Ž


Which representation is equivalent to 4Γ·2?

  • A42
  • B62
  • C24
  • D21
  • E46

Then, what is 4Γ·2?


Write an equivalent fraction for the operation 2Γ·9.

  • A21
  • B92
  • C79
  • D27
  • E29

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