Lesson Worksheet: Chemical Names and Formula Science

In this worksheet, we will practice naming simple compounds, and writing their chemical formula.


The compound copper sulfate can be represented by the following collection of letters and numbers: CuSO4.

What do we call this type of representation?

  • AChemical notation
  • BMolecular label
  • CChemical formula
  • DSynthetic name
  • ECompound equation


Which elements’ atoms would you expect to find in the compound sodium hydroxide?

  • ASodium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen
  • BSodium and oxygen
  • CSodium and hydrogen
  • DSodium, nitrogen, and oxygen
  • ESodium, hydrogen, and oxygen


Potassium sulfide is a compound that contains potassium and sulfur. Which other element would you expect to find in the compound potassium sulfate?

  • AHydrogen
  • BCarbon
  • CAstatine
  • DAluminum
  • EOxygen


The compound potassium hydroxide contains the elements potassium, oxygen, and hydrogen. Which of the following ratios shows the correct proportion of atoms in this chemical if the chemical formula is KOH?

  • A112
  • B131
  • C111
  • D113
  • E114


Which of the following statements best describes what is meant by the term chemical compound?

  • ATwo or more different types of atoms mixed together with some atoms chemically bonded together
  • BA pure substance made up of two or more different elements chemically bonded together
  • CA pure substance made up of billions of atoms of the same element
  • DA pure substance of two or more different types of atoms chemically bonded with oxygen
  • ETwo or more different elements chemically combined in a one-to-one ratio


Chlorine is in group 17 of the periodic table. Further down the group, we find the elements bromine and iodine. When sodium reacts with chlorine, a chemical compound called sodium chloride is formed. What chemical do you think is formed when sodium reacts with bromine?

  • ABromide sodide
  • BBromide sodiate
  • CSodium bromate
  • DSodium bromide
  • ESodium bromine


Calcium is a metal and oxygen is a nonmetal. What is the name of the chemical compound formed when calcium and oxygen react together?

  • AOxygen calcium
  • BCalcium oxate
  • CCalcium oxide
  • DCalcium oxygen
  • EOxygen


Glucose is a form of sugar that humans use for energy. Molecules of the compound glucose travel around in our bloodstream and are used by muscles during exercise. If the chemical formula of glucose is CHO6126, then how many atoms of carbon are found in each molecule?

  • A18 atoms
  • B12 atoms
  • C24 atoms
  • D1 atom
  • E6 atoms


The diagrams show 4 different compounds each of which contains hydrogen.

Which diagram represents water if the chemical formula of water is HO2?


If the chemical formula of carbon dioxide is CO2, what is the chemical formula of carbon monoxide?

  • ACO3
  • BCO
  • CCO2
  • D12CO2
  • ECOO2

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