Lesson Worksheet: Environmental Effects of Light and Temperature Geology

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the effects of light and temperature on plants and animals and how their behavior and living conditions change accordingly.


Which of the following biological phenomena is the localized movement of a plant in response to an environmental stimulus?

  • APhotosynthesis
  • BTropism
  • CMigration
  • DGrowth
  • EFlowering


At which stage in a plant’s development do the embryo cells divide?

  • AThe flowering and fruiting stages
  • BThe fruiting stage
  • CThe vegetative growth stage
  • DThe flowering stage


True or False: Photosynthesis in green plants will not happen except in the presence of light.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


True or False: Light affects the distribution of living organisms in water and on land.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Which of the following would happen to wheat if planted in Egypt during February and March instead of its usual planting period during October and November?

  • AIt would grow vegetatively and go through flowering and fruiting.
  • BIt would grow vegetatively and flower without fruiting.
  • CIt would grow vegetatively without flowering and fruiting.
  • DIt would grow vegetatively and fruit without flowering.


What is the temperature range that most known living organisms can naturally tolerate?

  • A100C to 100C
  • B0C to 50C
  • C0C to 100C
  • D50C to 50C
  • E30C to 30C


Which of the following environments is characterized by a reduction in light beneath a dense plant coverage, high humidity, and an abundance of living organisms?

  • AA grassland area
  • BThe equatorial forest
  • CA glacial area
  • DThe desert
  • EThe temperate forest


True or False: During photosynthesis, light energy is converted into chemical energy that becomes the energy source for consumer and decomposer organisms.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Why do organisms migrate?

  • AIn search of food
  • BDue to internal physiological factors
  • CTo avoid unfavorable ecological conditions
  • DFor reproduction
  • EAll of the answers are correct.


True or False: The length of day is an important factor in triggering animal migration.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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