Worksheet: Word Problems: Putting Objects Together

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems with numbers up to 10 to find the total when two groups of objects are combined.


You have 3 blue shirts and 1 red shirt. How many shirts do you have?

  • A3+2=4
  • B3+1=5
  • C3+1=4


There was 1 mommy rabbit, she had 6 babies. How many rabbits are there now?

  • A1+6=5
  • B1+6=7
  • C1+7=8


Three boys and four girls stand in a circle. How many children are in the circle?


A girl has 2 Arabic books and 2 English books. How many books does she have in total?


There are 3 black sheep and 5 white sheep in a field. How many sheep are in the field?


Daniel sold 2 ham sandwiches and 2 cheese sandwiches. How many sandwiches did he sell in total?


Daniel read this addition story: There are 3 strawberry candies and 3 lemon candies.

Pick the model that matches the story.

  • A
  • B

How many candies are there?

3 + 3 = ?


David has 4 black cats and 2 white cats.

How many cats does he have in total?

Find the matching number sentence.

  • A4+2=6
  • B4+2=5
  • C3+2=5
  • D4+3=7


Isabella bought 3 purple flowers and 4 red flowers. How many flowers did she buy in total?


Madison has 4 yellow balloons and 1 green balloon. How many balloons does she have in total?


In the garden, there were 4 boys playing with 5 girls. How many children were in the garden?


Ethan bought 5 blue pens and 2 green pens.

How many pens does he have in total?

Find the matching number sentence.

  • A5+4=9
  • B3+5=8
  • C5+2=6
  • D5+2=7


James bought 3 ducks and 6 rabbits.

How many animals did he buy?

Find the matching number sentence.

  • A4+3=7
  • B3+5=8
  • C3+6=9
  • D3+3=6

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