Worksheet: Dividing Whole Numbers by Unit Fractions

In this worksheet, we will practice dividing whole numbers by unit fractions using models, such as tape diagrams and number lines.


Evaluate 10÷12.


18 of a notebook has 5 pages. How many pages does the whole notebook have?


How many halves of a pound are there in seven pounds?


One-eighth of a pizza is a normal portion for one person. How many people can 3 pizzas feed?


Which of these multiplication expressions is equivalent to 4÷15?

  • A4×15
  • B14×5
  • C5×14
  • D4×5


How many half gallons are there in 3 gallons?


5 people make up 18 of the passengers on a bus. How many passengers are there in total?


If 18 of the number of cans in a box is 2, then the whole box has cans.


If 15 of a bunch of grapes has of 9 grapes, how many grapes are there in the bunch?


If 14 of the number of pencils in a box is 5, then the box has pencils.


If 13 of the number of birds in a flock is 2, then how many birds are there in that flock?


If 18 of a box of sweets contains 4 sweets, then the whole box contains sweets.


Milos bought 4 bottles of soda for a family gathering. After the gathering had been going for 1 hour, the cola bottle was 16 full, the lemon-lime bottle was 12 full, the cream soda bottle was full, and the cherry soda bottle was 13 full. If the soda was served in cups and each cup was 16 of a bottle, how many more cups can be poured?


How many quarters of an hour are there in 5 hours?

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