Lesson Worksheet: Basic Terminologies for Website Development ICT

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the basic terminologies and differences that we need to know before we build a website.


Fill in the blank: A is a large, complex, and special computer that serves other computers. It waits to receive requests that ask for specific information and replies with the desired response to the request.

  • Ahyperlink
  • BWorld Wide Web
  • Cserver
  • Dsession
  • Eclient


Fill in the blanks: is a large collection of servers connected together with the goal of being able to share information, while is a large connection of web pages stored on web servers, where web pages are connected together using hyperlinks.

  • AThe Internet, the World Wide Web
  • BThe World Wide Web, a hardware server
  • CA software server, a hardware server
  • DThe World Wide Web, the Internet
  • EA hardware server, a software server


Fill in the blank: The Facebook sign-in page is a .

  • Adynamic web page
  • Bsession
  • Cdatabase
  • Dstatic web page


Fill in the blank: languages are used to create, organize, and manage content such as text, links, and images on a web page.

  • AMarkup
  • BServer-side scripting
  • CClient-side scripting
  • DFreeware


Fill in the blank: is software that is available for free but with constraints set by the software’s owner.

  • AFreeware
  • BSoftware server
  • COpen-source software
  • DWorld Wide Web


You are surfing an e-commerce website. When you click on an item’s title, a new web page appears with detailed information about this item.

Fill in the blank: The text you clicked on is called a .

  • Asession
  • Bhyperlink
  • Cmarkup code
  • Dclient-side script
  • Eserver-side script


True or False: Dynamic web pages can interact with the user, taking input and returning output.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


You are surfing an e-commerce website. After being inactive for a while, the website requires your username and password again.

Fill in the blank: This shows the concept of a .

  • Aserver-side script
  • Bclient–server model
  • Chyperlink
  • Dclient-side script
  • Esession


You are surfing an e-commerce website; items are organized in a grid. Each grid cell has a picture of the item, its name, and its price.

Fill in the blank: This organized view could be explained by .

  • Aclient-side scripting language
  • Bmarkup language
  • Cserver-side scripting language
  • Dhyperlinks


Fill in the blank: is a server that stores a large collection of websites and responds to requests from web browsers to access certain websites.

  • AA print server
  • BA file server
  • CA web server
  • DAn e-mail server

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