Lesson Worksheet: Sources and Transmission of Light Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying sources of light, classifying materials by how much light they transmit, and describing how shadows form.


When James opens the curtains, light enters the room.

man opening window curtains-edited

Fill in the blank: This shows us that the curtains the transmission of light.

  • Aincrease
  • Bblock
  • Callow

Fill in the blank: The curtains are .

  • Atransparent
  • Btranslucent
  • Copaque


Why does a shadow of the cat form on the ground?

Black Cat and Its Shadow
  • AThe body of the cat transmits light from the sun.
  • BThe cat is a source of light.
  • CThe body of the cat blocks the light from the sun.


Lobna makes a shadow by blocking the light from a flashlight with her hand.

Cute little girl making theater of shadows in bedroom

What will happen to the size of the shadow if she brings her hand closer to the flashlight?

  • AIt will stay the same.
  • BIt will get smaller.
  • CIt will get bigger.


Samar is looking at the cakes in a shop window.

Woman looking at pastries through the glass in the bakery store.

Fill in the blank: Samar can see the cakes in the shop because the glass in the window is .

  • Atranslucent
  • Bopaque
  • Ctransparent


Fill in the blank: Transmission is the word we use to describe when a light ray a material.

  • Apasses through
  • Bbounces off
  • Cis blocked by


Sophia investigates how the width of a shadow changes as the distance between the object and the light source changes. This is how she sets up her investigation.

Distance between Object and Light Source (cm) 70 40 10
Width of Shadow (cm) 25 40

Sophia forgot to write down the result when the distance between the object and the light source was 10 cm. Which of the following is the most likely result?

  • A25 cm
  • B60 cm
  • C40 cm


Fill in the blank: Light is a type of energy that can be .

  • Aseen
  • Bsmelled
  • Cheard


James and Chloe are discussing why we can see the Moon in the night sky.

Who is right?

  • AChloe
  • BJames


Look at the shadow of the ball on the ground.

Is the sun at position X, Y, or Z?

  • AX
  • BZ
  • CY


Look at this list: Sun, Moon, lamp, and candle.

Fill in the blanks: All the list items are except .

  • Asources of light, the Moon
  • Bmaterials that transmit light, the lamp
  • Cmaterials that transmit light, the Moon
  • Dsources of light, the candle

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