Worksheet: Collecting Statistical Data

In this worksheet, we will practice collecting data using counting, recording, and measuring as an introduction to understanding the frequency tables.


Using the frequency table, find which hobby is the most popular.

Hobby Singing Drawing Acting Reading Music Total
Number of Students 7 8 13 9 6 43
  • Asinging
  • Bdrawing
  • Cacting
  • Dreading
  • Emusic


The recorded temperatures in a week from Saturday to Friday were 28, 35, 39, 26, 34, 32, and 30, respectively. Which day was the hottest?

  • AFriday
  • BWednesday
  • CSaturday
  • DMonday
  • EThursday


What is the best method to find out the number of cars entering a certain garage?

  • Acounting and recording
  • Basking others
  • Cmeasuring


The pictograph shows the number of books sold by a bookstore in a week.