Lesson Worksheet: Collecting Statistical Data Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice collecting data using counting, recording, and measuring as an introduction to understanding the frequency tables.


Using the frequency table, find which hobby is the most popular.

Number of Students78139643
  • Asinging
  • Bdrawing
  • Cacting
  • Dreading
  • Emusic


The recorded temperatures in a week from Saturday to Friday were 28C, 35C, 39C, 26C, 34C, 32C, and 30C, respectively. Which day was the hottest?

  • AFriday
  • BWednesday
  • CSaturday
  • DMonday
  • EThursday


What is the best method to find out the number of cars entering a certain garage?

  • Acounting and recording
  • Basking others
  • Cmeasuring


The pictograph shows the number of books sold by a bookstore in a week.

What is the total number of books sold that week?


The table below represents the number of students studying various subjects in two schools. Calculate the total number of students who study art.

First School465024813619
Second School 159162238757


Are counting, recording, measuring and surveying data examples of data collection methods?

  • ANo
  • BYes


What is the best method to find the height of a plant?

  • Aasking others
  • Bcounting and recording
  • Cmeasuring


What is the best method to find out a student’s preference for extra-curricular activities?

  • Acounting and recording
  • Basking them
  • Cmeasuring


The table shows the average temperature of each day in a town during one week. Which two days have equal temperature?

Temperature (C)21182123252217
  • ASunday and Monday
  • BSaturday and Monday
  • CMonday and Wednesday
  • DSaturday and Thursday


The table shows the preferred means of transport for students in a class. What is the least popular means of transport?

Preferred Means of TransportTaxiBicycleBusTrain
Number of Students711168
  • Ataxi
  • Bbicycle
  • Ctrain
  • Dbus

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