Worksheet: Writing Tenths

In this worksheet, we will practice modelling tenths in a place value table, writing decimals to match the number modeled, and representing the number in words, digits, and expanded form.


Each square is one whole. James has colored 1 whole and four tenths orange.

Write this as a mixed number.

  • A 4 1 0
  • B 6 1 0
  • C 1 4 1 0
  • D 1 6 1 0

Write the decimal shown by the model.

Tip: Use a place value table to help you.


Express five and four-tenths as a decimal.


Express thirty-nine and five tenths in standard form.


Express 31.6 in words.

  • Asix tens and thirty-one
  • Bsix and thirty-one-tenths
  • Cthirty-one hundreds and six
  • Dthirty-one and six-tenths


Complete =3+0.2.


Look at how Matthew shows three-tenths with a model, a fraction, and a decimal.

In which model does the shaded part represent seven-tenths?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Write seven-tenths as a fraction.

  • A70
  • B 1 0 7
  • C 7 1 0
  • D0.7

Write seven-tenths as a decimal.


Write 0.8 in words.

  • Aeight ten-thousandths
  • Beight tenths
  • Ceight hundredths
  • Deight tens
  • Eeight thousandths

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