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Lesson Worksheet: Measuring Heart Rate Science

In this worksheet, we will practice predicting and testing a hypothesis about the impact of different activities on heart rate.


Matthew and Hannah are talking about exercise.

Who is correct?

  • AOnly Hannah
  • BOnly Matthew
  • CMatthew and Hannah


Class B are investigating the effect of exercise on heart rate.

They are asked to make a hypothesis.

Who made a hypothesis?

  • AAnthony
  • BEthan
  • CLiam


Sophia writes the method to test how different exercises impact heart rate.

What extra information should she include in step 3 to fill in the blank?

  • A30 minutes
  • B2 minutes
  • Cimmediately
  • D1 minute


Anthony measures his heart rate before completing three different activities.

Immediately after 2 minutes of each activity, he measures his heart rate again.

Heart Rate before Activity (bpm) Heart Rate after Activity (bpm)
Sitting Still 83 81
Walking 81 96
Jogging 82

Which of these heart rates is most likely to fill in the blank in the table?

  • A20
  • B104
  • C80
  • D65


Matthew starts jumping.

Fill in the blank: Matthew’s heart rate will after jumping for 1 minute.

  • Aincrease
  • Bstay the same
  • Cdecrease


These children have been learning about pulse, heart rate, and exercise.

Which child has described their heart rate correctly?

  • AJennifer
  • BCharlotte
  • CLiam
  • DNone of them


Heart rate is measured in beats per minute.

For how long should you check your pulse?

  • A60 seconds
  • B100 seconds
  • C100 minutes
  • D60 minutes

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