Lesson Worksheet: Interpreting the Remainder Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice interpreting remainders in division problems.


A gym has a total stock of 47 treadmills. If they were arranged in 5 rows, how many treadmills would not fit into the rows?


How many 20-centimeter-long tiles do I need to buy to make a row of tiles that is 170 cm long?

  • A8
  • B20
  • C7
  • D10
  • E9


A family consisting of 5 family members bought a bag full of chocolate chip cookies, and the father decided to share 29 cookies equally among the family members and gave the rest to their neighbor.

How many cookies did each member of the family get?

How many cookies did the family's neighbor get?


Sarah needs to divide 26 mL of salad dressing equally into 5 containers. How much salad dressing can be in each container?

How much dressing is left over?


Hoor has mixed 74 liters of paint. How many 3-liter cans can she fill completely?


If Hoor has 38 apples and she wants to pack them so that each pack is made of 6 apples, how many apples will remain without getting packed?

Hint: Use long division to solve.


If 20 players will be divided into teams of 3, how many players will not be in a team?


Abdulrahman has 35 pieces of candy. He is going to share them equally between his 4 friends and keep the remainder for himself.

How many pieces of candy will each friend get?


A teacher has 22 pencils that they want to share equally between four children. What is the maximum number of pens each child will receive (some pens might be left over).


A sport coach is storing 70 balls in mesh bags that can hold 6 balls each.

How many mesh bags are full?

How many balls are there in the not completely full mesh bag?

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