Worksheet: Concentration, Mass, and Volume

In this worksheet, we will practice using the equation n = cV to calculate the volume or concentration of a solution or the mass or moles of solute present.


If 4.94 g of KOH is dissolved in water to make a final volume of 2.0 L, what is the molarity of the solution?


How many milliliters of a 0.100 M potassium permanganate stock solution would be needed to make 100 mL of 0.0250 M potassium permanganate?


An aqueous solution of 62.00 g iron(III) iodide is diluted to a volume of 725 mL. Calculate the concentration of iodide ions in this solution.


A solution is prepared by dissolving 1.60 g of solid NaCl in 50.0 mL of 0.100 M aqueous CaCl2. Assuming the volume of the solution does not change, calculate the concentration of chloride ions in this solution.


Calculate the mass of methanol that must be added to water to prepare 2.66 L of a 1.35 M solution.


A 0.2104 M aqueous solution of sodium sulfate has a total volume of 900 mL.

Calculate the mass of sodium ions in this solution.

Calculate the mass of sulfate ions in this solution.


Calculate the mass of sodium chloride that must be added to water to prepare 80.0 mL of a 0.800 M solution.


The concentration of acetic acid (CHCOH)32 in a sample of vinegar is 0.839 M. What volume of this vinegar contains 75.6 g of acetic acid? Give your answer to 2 decimal places.


A 355 mL soft drink sample contains 0.133 mol of sucrose (table sugar). What is the molar concentration of sucrose in the beverage?


How much sugar (in moles) is contained in a modest sip (∼10 mL) of a soft drink if the concentration of sugar is 0.375 M?


How many grams of NaCl are contained in 0.250 L of a 5.30 M solution?


How many grams of CaCl2 (110.98 g/mol) are contained in 250.0 mL of a 0.200 M solution of calcium chloride?


A liter of air contains 9.2×10 mol of argon. What is the mass of Ar in a liter of air?


What volume of a 1.50MKBr solution contains 66.0gKBr? Give your answer to 3 decimal places.


If 0.850 L of a 5.00 M solution of copper nitrate, Cu(NO)32, is diluted to a volume of 1.80 L by the addition of water, what is the molarity of the diluted solution?


What is the concentration of the solution that results from diluting 25.0 mL of a 2.04 M solution of CHOH3 to 500.0 mL?


What volume of 0.12 MHBr can be prepared from 11(0.011)mLL of 0.45 MHBr?


A laboratory experiment calls for 0.125MHNO3. What volume of 0.125MHNO3 can be prepared from 0.250 L of 1.88MHNO3?


What volume of 1.59 M aqueous KOH is required to prepare 5.00 L of 0.100 M aqueous KOH?


What volume of a 0.575 M solution of glucose, CHO6126, can be prepared from 50.00 mL of a 3.00 M glucose solution?


Concentrated hydrochloric acid is an aqueous solution containing 37.2%HCl by mass. The density of this solution is 1.19 g/mL. What mass of HCl is contained in 0.500 L of this solution?


What is the mass of 2.561 mol of gold?


Rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) is usually sold as a 70% vol aqueous solution. If the density of isopropyl alcohol is 0.785 g/mL, calculate the number of grams of isopropyl alcohol present in a 355 mL bottle of rubbing alcohol. Give your answer to the nearest whole number.


Wine is approximately 12% ethanol (CHCHOH)32 by volume. Ethanol has a molar mass of 46.06 g/mol and a density of 0.789 g/mL. How many moles of ethanol are present in a 750 mL bottle of wine?


Which of the following is a valid expression of molality (𝑚)?

  • Ag/mol
  • BL/g
  • Cmol/kg
  • Dmol/L
  • Ekg/mol

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