Worksheet: Ordering: Tallest, Longest, and Shortest

In this worksheet, we will practice how to directly compare more than two objects by length or height using the words “tallest,” “longest,” and “shortest.”


Which children are ordered from tallest to shortest?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Which animal is the shortest?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Which is the shortest?

  • A
  • B
  • C


What is the color of the longest line in the rectangle?

  • ABrown
  • BBlack
  • CYellow


What is the color of the shortest line in the rectangle?

  • Ayellow
  • Bbrown
  • Cblack


Which is the tallest?

  • A(a)
  • B(c)
  • C(b)


Which clocks are ordered from shortest to tallest?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Which is the longest?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Which stripe has the same length as the blue one?

  • A(b)
  • B(a)
  • C(c)


Order the shapes from shortest to longest.

  • A𝐵,𝐶,𝐷,𝐴
  • B𝐷,𝐵,𝐴,𝐶
  • C𝐶,𝐴,𝐷,𝐵
  • D𝐴,𝐷,𝐶,𝐵


Which strip has the same length as the blue one?

  • Ab
  • Bc
  • Ca


Complete the following using the figure: Anthony is shorter than and .

  • AMichael, Madison
  • BMadison, Hannah
  • CJennifer, Benjamin
  • DMichael, Benjamin
  • EJennifer, Michael


Write the colors of the lines in order from shortest to longest.

  • ARed, yellow, green, black, blue
  • BBlack, blue, green, red, yellow
  • CRed, yellow, green, blue, black
  • DBlack, blue, green, yellow, red


Order the lines from longest to shortest.

  • A(b), (a), (d), (c), (e)
  • B(b), (a), (c), (e), (d)
  • C(b), (a), (c), (d), (e)
  • D(e), (d), (c), (a), (b)
  • E(c), (a), (b), (d), (e)


Write the colours of the lines in order from longest to shortest.

  • AYellow, green, red, blue, black
  • BYellow, green, red, black, blue
  • CBlack, blue, red, green, yellow
  • DBlack, blue, red, yellow, green


Which line is a different length to the others?

  • A𝐴𝐵
  • B𝐶𝐷
  • C𝐸𝐹
  • D𝐾𝐿


Order the lines from shortest to longest.

  • A(b), (c), (a), (d), (e)
  • B(c), (a), (b), (d), (e)
  • C(b), (a), (d), (c), (e)
  • D(e), (d), (a), (c), (b)
  • E(b), (a), (c), (e), (d)


Arrange the names of the children from the shortest to tallest.

  • ACharlotte, Elizabeth, Jacob, Jackson, Sophia, Scarlett
  • BSophia, Scarlett, Jacob, Jackson, Elizabeth, Charlotte
  • CSophia, Scarlett, Jackson, Jacob, Elizabeth, Charlotte
  • DCharlotte, Elizabeth, Jacob,Scarlett, Jackson, Sophia
  • ECharlotte, Elizabeth, Jacob, Jackson, Scarlett, Sophia


Which stripe is the longest?

  • A(b)
  • B(c)
  • C(a)
  • D(d)


Use the given figure to complete the following: Charlotte is taller than .

  • AJacob
  • BIsabella
  • CSophia
  • DNoah
  • EEthan


What is the name of the tallest child?

  • ASophia
  • BMason
  • CElizabeth
  • DNoah
  • EAmelia


Which stripe is the shortest?

  • A(d)
  • B(a)
  • C(b)
  • D(c)


Order the lines from shortest to longest.

  • A𝐵, 𝐸, 𝐷, 𝐴, 𝐶, 𝐹
  • B𝐴, 𝐶, 𝐷, 𝐹, 𝐸, 𝐵
  • C𝐵, 𝐸, 𝐹, 𝐷, 𝐶, 𝐴
  • D𝐵, 𝐹, 𝐸, 𝐶, 𝐷, 𝐴


A mango tree is 8 feet tall. A pear tree is shorter than the mango tree. An apple tree is taller than the mango tree. Which tree is the shortest?

  • Athe mango tree
  • Bthe apple tree
  • Cthe pear tree


Order the lines from longest to shortest.

  • A𝐹, 𝐶, 𝐷, 𝐴, 𝐵, 𝐸
  • B𝐹, 𝐷, 𝐶, 𝐴, 𝐵, 𝐸
  • C𝐹, 𝐶, 𝐴, 𝐸, 𝐵, 𝐷
  • D𝐹, 𝐸, 𝐵, 𝐴, 𝐷, 𝐶
  • E𝐹, 𝐷, 𝐶, 𝐵, 𝐴, 𝐸

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