Lesson Worksheet: Animal Skeletons Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the skeletons of different animals and describing the functions of skeletons.


This a a python.

Burmese Python

Does a python have a skeleton?

  • AYes
  • BNo

Is a python a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

  • AVertebrate
  • BInvertebrate


This is the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Which bone is labeled A?

  • ATail
  • BSkull
  • CJaw
  • DSpine


How would a crab be classified?

  • AVertebrate
  • BInvertebrate


What animal does this skeleton belong to?

  • AElephant
  • BHorse
  • CBuffalo
  • DCow

This animal has much bigger leg bones than a human’s. Why does it need bigger bones?

  • ATo help it hunt for food
  • BTo help it carry more weight
  • CTo help it run faster
  • DTo help it climb trees


What animal does this skeleton belong to?

  • AA horse
  • BA fish
  • CA bird
  • DA mouse


Some animals, like frogs, have a skeleton. How do we classify animals with skeletons?

  • AInvertebrates
  • BAmphibians
  • CVertebrates
  • DReptiles


A jellyfish does not have a skeleton. How are animals with no skeleton classified?

  • AMammals
  • BInvertebrates
  • CFish
  • DVertebrates


The image shows the skeletons of a giraffe and a human. The giraffe has long legs to allow it to reach plants to eat.

Name other bones that are longer in a giraffe than a human to allow them to reach tall plants.

  • ANeck
  • BJaw
  • CFoot
  • DRibs


Some insects have a skeleton outside their body to protect them from predators.

The photograph shows a cricket shedding its skeletal layer.

What name is given to a skeleton that is outside the body?

Cricket shed skin
  • AAn exoskeleton
  • BAn invertebrate
  • CA cocoon


Many animals have skeletons inside their bodies. What do we call this type of skeleton?

  • AAn external skeleton
  • BAn internal skeleton
  • CA warm skeleton

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