Worksheet: Speed

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the speed of an object, using the speed to find distance or time, and converting between different speed units.


How much time is taken for an object with a speed of 40 m/s to travel a distance of 500 m?


Which of the following is a unit of speed?

  • Akm/h
  • Bkm/cm
  • Ccm/s2
  • Dm⋅s
  • Em/s2


A car moves with a speed of 20 km/h. What is this speed in meters per second?

  • A20,000 m/s
  • B950 m/s
  • C509 m/s
  • D1,0003 m/s
  • E31,000 m/s


What is the speed of an object that travels a distance of 200 meters in a time of 25 seconds?


Which of the following is the correct formula for speed?

  • A𝑆=𝐷×𝑇
  • B𝑆=𝐷+𝑇
  • C𝑆=𝐷𝑇
  • D𝑆=1𝐷×𝑇
  • E𝑆=𝑇𝐷

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