Lesson Worksheet: Solving Problems with Nonstandard Units Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice how to solve problems by measuring length, weight, or capacity with nonstandard units and by using addition and subtraction within 20.


Look at the given diagram.

How many units does the plane weigh?

How many units does the car weigh?

How many units heavier is the plane?


Ethan is measuring the heights of his toys.

How many units taller is the teddy bear than the train?

  • A7 units
  • B1 unit
  • C2 units


The small bottle holds 4 cups, while the big one holds 8 cups.

How many cups are needed to fill both bottles?

How many more cups does the big bottle hold than the small one?


True or False: The train is longer than the car by 13 units.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Complete the following: The penguin is heavier than the cat by units.


How many units shorter is the girl than the boy?

  • A1 unit
  • B9 units
  • C10 units


How many units will be left in the bowl after we fill the cup using the bowl?


Complete the following: The difference in length between the given balloons is \n\r .


How many units lighter is the dog than the elephant?


Michael and Scarlett drank tea together from a full teapot. The pot became empty after Michael drank 2 cups and Scarlett drank 2 cups.

How many cups did the teapot hold?

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