Lesson Worksheet: Word Problems: Adding and Subtracting Money with Regrouping Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems by adding and subtracting amounts of money in pounds and pence using the fact that 100 pence equals one pound.


The items in a shop are in the table shown.

Find the total cost of the 3 items.

  • A£8 and 45p
  • B£8 and 36p
  • C£7 and 36p
  • D£7 and 45p


Consider the table shown.

How much do the marble and the balloon cost altogether?

  • A£2 and ‏18p
  • B£1 and ‏18p
  • C£1 and ‏8p
  • D£1 and ‏28p

How much more does the ball cost than the marble and the balloon altogether?


David has £4 and 42p. His sister Hannah has £4 and 67p. They decided to put their money together to buy a watch for their mother. How much change do they get?

  • A£2 and 49p
  • B£1 and 39p
  • C£1 and 49p
  • D£2 and 39p


Anthony, Sophia, and David are counting how much money they have.

How much does Anthony have in pence?

How much does Sophia have in pence?

How much do Anthony and Sophia have altogether in pounds and pence?

  • A£5 ‏17p
  • B£7 ‏17p
  • C£5 ‏97p
  • D£6 ‏17p

How much more does David have than Anthony and Sophia together?

  • A£2 ‏83p
  • B£9
  • C£3 ‏83p
  • D£2 ‏73p


Natalie buys a pair of sunglasses, a hairband, and a watch. How much change does she get from £90?

  • A2p
  • B£65 ‏50p
  • C£3
  • D£24 ‏50p


Consider the table shown.

Isabella buys a sandwich and a water bottle. She pays with \n\r . How much change does she get?

  • A£ 6 and 65p
  • B£ 6 and 35p
  • C£ 4  and 65p
  • D£ 4 and 35p


If you buy 3 items from the market that cost 42p, 45p, and 48p, what is the total amount you will need to pay?

  • A£1 and 37p
  • B£2 and 37p
  • C£2 and 35p
  • D£1 and 35p

If you give the cashier £2, how much change will you get?


Jennifer wants to buy these items.

Find how much more the gloves and the eyeglasses cost than the socks.

  • A£8 and 71p
  • B£5 and 19p
  • C£6 and 19p
  • D£9 and 71p


Natalie has £1 and buys 3 accessories that cost 23p, 14p, and 45p. How much money does Natalie have left?


Noah bought these candies for his children. How much did they cost?

If he bought one more chocolate bar for his neighbor’s daughter, what would the total cost be?

  • A£1 and 13p
  • B£2 and 23p
  • C£1 and 23p
  • D£2 and 13p

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