Worksheet: Division Rules for 0 and 1

In this worksheet, we will practice modeling what happens when we divide numbers by 1 and 0.


Complete: 4÷=4.


Complete: 72÷=9.


Both of these problems are solved by finding 21÷7.

Pick the problem where the answer 3 is the number of groups.

  • AMake 7 equal teams with 21 children.
  • BMake teams of 7 with 21 children.


If 18÷3=6, then 3 is called the .

  • Aquotient
  • Bdividend
  • Cdivisor


When we divide 80 cupcakes into boxes of 10, we use division to find the number of boxes (groups).

Pick another problem where we have to divide to find the number of groups.