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Lesson Worksheet: Making Two-Digit Numbers with Tens and Ones Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using place value equipment to make two-digit numbers with tens and ones.


A teacher described a number on the board. Which group got the number correct?

  • AGroup 2
  • BGroup 1


How many ones are there?


Look at Nader’s abacus, Pick the number that he made.

  • A7 tens and 2 ones
  • B9 tens and 5 ones
  • C9 tens and 7 ones
  • D5 tens and 9 ones
  • E7 tens and 9 ones


Write down the number in the figure.


Benjamin and Hannah are counting the green cubes. They regrouped 10 ones into a group of ten.

Now it is your turn. Look at the pink cubes and answer the questions.

How many groups of ten are there?

How many ones are leftover?

How many cubes are there in total?


A number has been made from tens and ones.

How many tens are there?

How many ones are there?

What is the number?


Anthony made a number on the abacus.

How many tens are there?

How many ones are there?

What is the number?


3 tens and 7 ones are added. What is the result in numbers and words?

  • A73, seventy-three
  • B37, thirty-seven
  • C73, thirty-seven
  • D37, seventy-three

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