Lesson Worksheet: Addition and Subtraction Expressions and Equations Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice writing addition and subtraction expressions and equations matching models and stories with no unknowns and writing the correct symbol into equations to make them true.


Use + or to make the following arithmetic operation correct: 55=0.

  • A
  • B+


Fill in the blank to find the missing symbol: 122=14.

  • A
  • B=
  • C+


Which symbol is missing from the equation 11+516?

  • A+
  • B
  • C=


One month, Liam saved 3,221 LE and James saved 1,537 LE. The total amount that they both saved is (+)LE.

  • A3,221+5,137
  • B2,321+1,537
  • C2,321+5,137
  • D3,221+1,537


To get to an event, 3,237 people traveled by train, and 2,641 people traveled by car. Use the plus sign (+) to write an expression for the total number of people.

  • A3,237+2,641
  • B2,641+2,641
  • C3,237+2,641+3,237+2,641
  • D3,237+3,237


Fill in the blank: David paid 32,301 LE for a house and 55,210 LE for a car. The total price for both was (32,30155,210)LE.

  • A÷
  • B×
  • C+
  • D


Fill in the blank: Noah has 71,144 LE and Mason has 5,050 LE. Together they have (71,1445,050)LE.

  • A÷
  • B
  • C×
  • D+


A company bought two cars for 64,462 LE each and a motorbike for 11,231 LE. Write an expression for the total price using the + symbol.

  • A64,462+11,231
  • B64,462+64,462
  • C64,462+64,462+11,231
  • D64,462+11,231+11,231


A ship sailed 3,002 km to port A and then 4,625 km to port B. Use the + sign to write an expression for the total distance the ship traveled in kilometers.

  • A4,625+4,625
  • B3,002+3,002
  • C3,002+4,625
  • D3,002+4,625+3,002+4,625


A person had 50,257 LE and bought a house for 12,522 LE. Write the correct symbol in the gap so he can calculate how much money he has left: (50,25712,522).

  • A÷
  • B×
  • C
  • D+

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