Lesson Worksheet: Simplifying Fractions Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice writing fractions in their simplest form.


Fourteen of the top thirty all-time grossing children’s films were animated films. Write 1430 as a fraction in its simplest form.

  • A715
  • B157
  • C710
  • D215
  • E152


Simplify 1040.

  • A104
  • B1040
  • C140
  • D131
  • E14


Do the two fractions 1014 and 2535 have the same simplest form?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Write 515 in its simplest form.

  • A13
  • B24
  • C15
  • D14


Express seven and five-eighths as an improper fraction.

  • A32
  • B618
  • C52
  • D192
  • E518


A new TV channel has 27 new TV shows scheduled to air this week. What fraction of the scheduled shows, in the simplest form, are 30-minute shows?

30–Minute Shows60–Minute Shows
  • A49
  • B94
  • C45
  • D59
  • E95


Write 1132 and 41313 in their simplest forms so that neither contains an improper fraction.

  • A1312, 2413
  • B1212, 4
  • C1312, 1413
  • D1212, 5
  • E1112, 5


Khalid is 5212 years old. Express his age as a mixed number in the simplest form.

  • A313 years old
  • B414 years old
  • C513 years old
  • D413 years old
  • E4512 years old


Khalid measured a fish and found it to be 649 inches long. Write the length as an improper fraction.

  • A83 in
  • B203 in
  • C199 in
  • D109 in
  • E589 in


Kayan baked 21 cupcakes. How many dozen cupcakes did she bake? Express the number as a mixed number in the simplest form.

  • A78
  • B134
  • C125
  • D312
  • E234

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