Lesson Worksheet: Neurons Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the structure and function of a neuron.


Here are three pictures of cells. Select the picture of a neuron.

  • A
  • B
  • C


This is a picture of a neuron.

Which label indicates the body of the neuron?

  • AY
  • BX
  • CZ

Which label indicates the axon of the neuron?

  • AY
  • BX
  • CZ


This is a diagram of a neuron.

What is a neuron?

  • AA white blood cell
  • BA nerve cell
  • CA muscle cell


What basic units of brain structure result in everything we do, feel, or think?

  • ASynapses
  • BMyelin sheath
  • CNeurons
  • DAxons
  • EDendrites


Which of the following is a part (or parts) of the basic structure of a neuron?

  • ACell body only
  • BVacuoles
  • CCell body and axon
  • DAxon only
  • EAll of the answers are correct.


Fill in the blank: The axon of a neuron is not made up of .

  • Asynapses
  • Ba myelin sheath
  • Cdendrites
  • Dan axon terminal
  • Ea cylindrical axis


Fill in the blank: The building unit of the nervous system is the nerve cell, which is called .

  • Aa dendrite
  • Ban axon
  • Ca nucleus
  • Da neuron


Which system is the neuron the building unit of?

  • ANervous system
  • BSkeletal system
  • CMuscular system
  • DRespiratory system
  • ECirculatory system


What name is given to the cells that make up the nerves?

  • ANeuroids
  • BNeurosis
  • CNeutrons
  • DNeurons


What type of cell is this?

  • AFat cell
  • BWhite blood cell
  • CCheek cell
  • DMuscle cell
  • ENerve cell

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