Worksheet: Magnetic Susceptibility of Materials

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the strength of the magnetic field in a substance given its magnetic susceptibility.


A solenoid with an iron core is 25 cm long and is wrapped with 100 turns of wire. When the current through the solenoid is 10 A, the magnetic field inside it is 2.0 T. What is the magnetic susceptibility of the iron core?


There is a current of 1.5 A through the windings of a large, thin toroid with 200 turns per meter. If the toroid is filled with iron for which magnetic susceptibility 𝜒=3.0×10, what is the magnetic field within it?


Suppose you wish to produce a 1.2 teslas magnetic field in a toroid with an iron core for which 𝜒=4.0×10. The toroid has a mean radius of 25 cm and is wound with 300 turns. What current is required?

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