Worksheet: Osmotic Concentration

In this worksheet, we will practice describing how dissociation affects osmosis and converting osmotic pressures to molar concentrations.


The osmotic pressure of human blood is 7.6 atm at 37C. What mass of glucose, CHO6126, is required to make 1.00 L of aqueous solution for intravenous feeding if the solution must have the same osmotic pressure as blood at body temperature, 37C?


A 0.010 M solution of the weak acid HA has an osmotic pressure of 0.293 atm at 25C. A 0.010 M solution of the weak acid HB has an osmotic pressure of 0.345 atm under the same conditions. Each solution contains three dissolved species: the weak acid (HA or HB), the conjugate base (A or B), and the hydrogen ion (H+). The osmotic pressure of each solution is related to the solute concentrations in molar units.

Which acid has the larger equilibrium constant for ionization? HAHA()A()+H()HBHB()H()+B()()()aqaqaqaqaqaq++

  • AHA
  • BHB

What is the equilibrium constant for the ionization of HA?

  • A4×10
  • B6×10
  • C3×10
  • D5×10
  • E3×10

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