Lesson Worksheet: Multiplying by a Whole Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying a fraction by a whole number using a bar model and writing addition and multiplication sentences to represent this multiplication.


Use the given diagram to find 15×6. Give your answer as a mixed number.

  • A251
  • B115
  • C151
  • D125
  • E215


Complete the following: 2×1-fth = .

  • A1-sixth
  • B2-fths
  • C3-fths
  • D2-sixths
  • E1-fth


Use the given number line to find 15×2.

  • A35
  • B25
  • C45
  • D52
  • E15


Find the missing number in the equation 13×2=.

  • A25
  • B23
  • C15
  • D13
  • E16


If each cup holds 13 of a liter, how many litres of water are there in 4 full cups of water?

  • A34 L
  • B112 L
  • C712 L
  • D43 L
  • E17 L


Dalia calculated 15×3 using repeated addition as shown 15+15+15=35. Use repeated addition to find 15×2.

  • A45
  • B35
  • C15
  • D25
  • E52


Use the given number line to complete the multiplication sentence: 5×=57.

  • A57
  • B37
  • C27
  • D17
  • E47


Yara eats 13 of a cupcake. Sally eats twice as much as Yara. How much does Sally eat?

  • A43
  • B13
  • C32
  • D53
  • E23


Complete the following: 13 of 9 is .


If 13 of a group of people play the guitar and 4 of those people prefer playing the electric guitar, which of the following can be the number of people in that group?

  • A9
  • B6
  • C13
  • D15
  • E14

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