Lesson Worksheet: Limestone Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the uses of limestone and the related reactions using the lime cycle.


Which of the following is a disadvantage of quarrying?

  • AQuarrying provides raw materials for many cosmetics.
  • BQuarrying provides jobs to the local community.
  • CQuarrying requires lots of blasting using dynamite.
  • DQuarrying requires better-quality roads to be built nearby.
  • EQuarrying supports local and national economies.


Which of the following chemical processes can be used to change calcium oxide into calcium hydroxide?

  • AThermal decomposition
  • BComplete combustion
  • CCalcination
  • DCarbonation
  • EHydration


Which of the following chemical processes can be used to convert limestone into lime (also known as quicklime)?

  • ANeutralization
  • BThermal decomposition
  • CHydration
  • DCarbonation
  • EComplete combustion


Which of the following is an advantage of quarrying?

  • AQuarrying can create visual pollution.
  • BQuarrying can provide essential building materials.
  • CQuarrying can create dust pollution.
  • DQuarrying can destroy wildlife habitats and landscapes.
  • EQuarrying can increase the number of trucks and the amount of industrial traffic.


Which of the following is not a common use of limestone?

  • ASoil neutralizer
  • BCement ingredient
  • CFood additive
  • DContact process catalyst
  • EToothpaste additive


In old, brick limekilns, such as the one in the picture, large quantities of limestone were continually added and heated to very high temperatures.

Old lime kiln brick limestone

What was the main waste gas that escaped through the chimney?

  • ASulfur dioxide
  • BSteam
  • CCarbon monoxide
  • DHydrogen
  • ECarbon dioxide

What solid limestone derivative was collected from holes in the bottom of the kiln?

  • ACalcium phosphate
  • BCalcium hydroxide
  • CCalcium carbonate
  • DCalcium oxide
  • ECalcium sulfate


Which row in the following table correctly links the chemical formula with a substance from the lime cycle?

QuicklimeLimestoneSlaked Lime
  • ARow 4
  • BRow 5
  • CRow 3
  • DRow 1
  • ERow 2


What equation correctly shows the conversion of quicklime into slaked lime?

  • ACa(OH)+COCaCO+HO2232
  • BCaO+HOCa(OH)22
  • CCaCOCaO+CO32

What equation correctly shows the conversion of limestone into quicklime?

  • ACa(OH)+COCaCO+HO2232
  • BCaCOCaO+CO32
  • CCaO+HOCa(OH)22

What equation correctly shows the conversion of slaked lime into limestone?

  • ACa(OH)+COCaCO+HO2232
  • BCaCOCaO+CO32
  • CCaO+HOCa(OH)22

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