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Lesson Worksheet: Uses of Period 4 Metals Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice listing and explaining uses for period 4 d-block metals.


Which of the following period 4 oxides is used as either a physical or a chemical sunscreens in many types of commercial sunblock?

  • ATiO2
  • BCuO
  • CVO25
  • DMnO2
  • ECrO23


Which of the following period 4 metals is commonly used in alloys with iron as a decorative plating on car headlamps and has compounds that are used in the tanning of leather?

  • AZinc
  • BScandium
  • CCobalt
  • DCopper
  • EChromium


Galvanization is the process by which iron or steel is coated in a thin layer of a second metal in order to prevent corrosion. Which period 4 d-block metal is used to provide this coating?

  • AChromium
  • BZinc
  • CNickel
  • DScandium
  • ETitanium


Which of the period 4 d-block metals is the most abundant in Earth’s crust?

  • AZinc
  • BIron
  • CNickel
  • DTitanium
  • ECopper


Brass and bronze are two decorative alloys that have been produced by man for thousands of years.

Which period 4 transition metal do bronze and brass both contain?

  • ACopper
  • BCobalt
  • CZinc
  • DTitanium
  • EIron

Fill in the blank: Brass contains a second metal from the d block of period 4 called .

  • Acobalt
  • Bnickel
  • Czinc
  • Dtitanium
  • Echromium


The following picture shows a potassium compound dissolving in water. This compound is commonly used in laboratories to oxidize other chemicals. Which of the following period 4 metals does it also contain atoms of?

Manganese dissolving in water
  • AChromium
  • BScandium
  • CZinc
  • DManganese
  • ENickel


Which of the following metals in d-block elements is used as a catalyst in the Haber process for making ammonia?

  • AVanadium metal
  • BManganese metal
  • CIron metal
  • DCobalt metal
  • EScandium metal


Which of the following is one of the applications of scandium?

  • AManufacturing of artificial joints
  • BLeather tanning
  • CManufacturing of MiG fighter jets
  • DHigh-power magnets
  • EManufacturing of car springs


Which of the following is not an application of manganese alloy?

  • AIt is used as a strong oxidizing agent in dry cells.
  • BIt is used in the manufacture of dyes.
  • CIt is used in the manufacture of antiseptics.
  • DIt is used in the manufacture of railroad tracks and drink cans.
  • EIt is used in the manufacture of fungicides.


Which of the following period 4 metals is used for the purpose of battery manufacturing?

  • AChromium metal
  • BScandium metal
  • CTitanium metal
  • DCobalt metal
  • ENone of the above metals

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