Lesson Worksheet: The Fundamental Counting Principle Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the number of all possible outcomes in a sample space using the fundamental counting principle.


An ice cream store offers 3 different cup sizes and 14 flavors. How many ways are there to buy a single flavor of ice cream?


Suppose 4 fair coins are tossed at the same time that these two spinners are spun. Using the fundamental counting principle, find the total number of possible outcomes.


A cafe offers a choice of 20 meals and 9 beverages. In how many different ways can a person choose a meal and a beverage?


A construction company currently has three active sites. There are 20 different ways to drive from site 𝐴 to site 𝐵. There are 16 ways to drive from site 𝐵 to site 𝐶. In how many ways can we drive from site 𝐴 to site 𝐶 visiting site 𝐵 on the way?


A restaurant serves 2 types of pie, 4 types of salad, and 3 types of drink. How many different meals can the restaurant offer if a meal includes one pie, one salad, and one drink?


How many ways can a committee of one man and one woman be formed from 83 men and 12 women?


Use the fundamental counting principle to find the total number of outcomes of rolling 4 number cubes and tossing 2 coins.


In a small town, there are 4 paths connecting the library and the post office, 5 paths connecting the post office and the bank, and 2 paths connecting the bank and the park. Determine the number of ways to walk from the library to the park.


A school gives three prizes for excellence. The short lists for the prizes contain 9 students, 7 students, and 6 students. In how many ways can the prizes be distributed?


A car dealership offers 73 different models of cars and 14 different colors. Determine the number of ways someone can pick a car in a single color.

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