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Worksheet: Locating Negative Numbers on a Number Line


For the given picture, complete the following using positive or negative: Moving forwards represents numbers, while moving backwards represents numbers.

  • A positive, zero
  • B negative, positive
  • C zero, negative
  • D positive, negative
  • E negative, zero


What is the number 4 units to the right of 3 on a number line?


Using the number line, find the value of βˆ’ ( βˆ’ 𝐴 ) .


Which point shows ?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


What is the number 6 units to the left of βˆ’ 2 on a number line?


On a horizontal number line, do the numbers increase or decrease as you move further to the right of zero?

  • Aincrease
  • Bdecrease


What number is π‘š ? Give your answer as a decimal.


What is the number 5 units to the left of 2 on a number line?

  • A3
  • B7
  • C βˆ’ 7
  • D βˆ’ 3
  • E10