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Worksheet: Applications of Evaluating Simple Algebraic Expressions


The equation shows the number of cakes Matthew baked in relation to the number of hours he spent baking them. The variable represents the number of hours spent baking the cakes, and the variable represents the number of cakes baked. How many cakes did Matthew make if he spent 7 hours baking?


The equation shows the total number of flowers Victoria has in relation to the number of vases she owns. The variable represents the number of vases she has, and the variable represents the total number of flowers. If Victoria has 5 vases, how many flowers does she have?


Starting from his school, Jacob cycled 10 miles, stopped at his friend’s house, and later continued cycling in the same direction as before. The equation shows the relationship between the number of miles he cycled after leaving his friend’s house and the distance he was from his school. If he ended up 32 miles from his school, how far is he from his friends house?


One measure of distance is rate multiplied by time, . Find the distance Olivia travels if she is moving at a rate of 60 mph for 6.75 h.


Use the formula to determine the height, , of a triangle given that its area, , is 4.5 and its base, , is 2.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E3


The total surface area, , of a rectangular prism is given by . Find the value of when , , and .

  • A720 area units
  • B64 area units
  • C59 area units
  • D118 area units


Use the formula to find the area of a parallelogram whose base, , is and height, , is .

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D2
  • E


A room’s temperature ranges from to . Determine its temperature range in degrees Fahrenheit, using the formula , where is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, and is the temperature in degrees Celsius.

  • A to
  • B to
  • C to
  • D to
  • E to


Given that the area of a trapezoid is , find the value of when , , and .

  • A cm2
  • B cm2
  • C 32 cm2
  • D 8 cm2


Chloe was given a $50 bill to buy 2 yogurt cups, each for dollars. She had remaining. Calculate the amount remaining if each yogurt cup cost $3.


Last year, a family’s total income was $46 000, while their total expenses were $48 100. Use the expression , where represents total income and represents total expenses, to find the average difference between the family’s income and its expenses each month.