Lesson Worksheet: Subtracting Money: USD Mathematics • 1st Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting amounts of money up to 100 cents.


Matthew has 630 piastres and Chloe has 550 piastres. Find the difference between what they have in pounds.


Anthony had 83¢. Then he spent 1 dime and 2 pennies. How much does he have now?


Bassem took 87¢ to the shop and bought an apple. After that, he had 55¢.

How much was the apple?


Evaluate: 8211¢¢


David has 68 cents. He buys a book that costs 32¢. How much does he have left?


Jacob has 52¢ and Isabella has 12¢.

Complete: Jacob has ¢ more than Isabella.


Matthew has $96. He spends $63 at the grocery store. How much is left with him?


Matthew had $63. He sold his watch for $24. Which of the following equations shows how much Matthew has?

  • A6324=87
  • B63+24=87
  • C63+24=39
  • D6324=39


Ethan has $42. If he spent $7, how much money would remain with him?

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