Lesson Worksheet: Using a Number Line to Add Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using a number line to add one-digit numbers.


Ramy starts on 5 and counts on 3 more. What number does he end on?

Hint: Use the number track to help.


The rabbit has eaten 2 carrots.

With each jump, the rabbit eats 1 more carrot.

If the rabbit jumps 3 more times, how many more carrots will it eat?


Maryam put her counter on 4, then moved it forward 3 spaces.

Help Maryam find the missing number.


Complete the following: 1+7=.


Samar and Amira want to add together 2 and 7 by counting on using a number track.

Samar says, “I am going to start with the larger number and count on another 2.”

Amira says, “I am going to start with the smaller number and count on another 7.”

Whose method will be quicker?

  • ASamar’s
  • BAmira’s

What is 2+7?


Count on to find 5+4.

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