Practice: Projectile Motion

A particle projected with a velocity (𝑒+𝑒)ij m/s from a fixed point 𝑂 in a horizontal plane landed at a point in the same plane 360 m away. Find the value of 𝑒 and the projectile’s path’s greatest height β„Ž. Take 𝑔=9.8/ms.

  • A𝑒=42, β„Ž=180m
  • B𝑒=84, β„Ž=360m
  • C𝑒=59.4, β„Ž=180m
  • D𝑒=42, β„Ž=90m
  • E𝑒=59.4, β„Ž=360m

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Incorrect Answer

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