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Lesson Worksheet: Food Chains and Food Webs Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining food chains and food webs and describing their components and the flow of energy through them.


Animals that hunt and eat other animals are called , while the hunted animals are called .

  • Ascavengers, predators
  • Bpredators, preys
  • Cpredators, scavengers
  • Dscavengers, preys


Which of the following is the correct arrangement for a food chain?

  • AHawk snake rabbit plant
  • BSnake plant hawk rabbit
  • CGrass rabbit snake hawk
  • DGrass snake rabbit hawk


Fungi and bacteria recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem, so they are considered .

  • Adecomposers
  • Bpredators
  • Cproducers
  • Dconsumers


What is the scientific term for a model that shows one linear set of feeding relationships and the movement of energy between living organisms?

  • AEcosystem
  • BHabitat
  • CFood web
  • DFood chain


Hawks hunt and eat snakes. In this relationship, the hawk is the and the snake is the .

  • Aconsumer, producer
  • Bpredator, prey
  • Cproducer, consumer
  • Dprey, predator


Birds are , as they feed on grasshoppers that eat plants.

  • Aproducers
  • Bdecomposers
  • Cprimary consumers
  • Dsecondary consumers


have a great role in the ecosystem, as they help get rid of dead plants and animals by eating them.

  • ASecondary consumers
  • BPrimary consumers
  • CScavengers
  • DProducers


What is the scientific term for the organisms that use energy from the Sun to make their own food?

  • AScavengers
  • BDecomposers
  • CConsumers
  • DProducers


Every food chain has to start with a .

  • Aproducer
  • Bconsumer
  • Cdecomposer
  • Dpredator


Consider this food chain: fruits mouse caracal lion. Which organism is the tertiary consumer?

  • AThe lion
  • BThe mouse
  • CThe fruits
  • DThe caracal

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