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Lesson Worksheet: Energy Chain Science

In this worksheet, we will practice tracing energy transformation in energy chains


True or False: The primary source of energy for both wood and coal is the wind.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Select the correct energy chain for a hair dryer.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


The energy stored in the plants we eat originally comes from the .

  • Amechanical, Moon
  • Bmechanical, Sun
  • Cchemical, Sun
  • Dchemical, Moon


True or False: Computers transform electrical energy into light, sound, and thermal energy.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


What is the scientific term for the movement of energy from one object to another?

  • AEnergy resource
  • BEnergy transfer
  • CEnergy transformation
  • DEnergy efficiency


Look at these photos of some types of electric lamps.

Black tunnel ceiling with cyan blue fluorescent lamps
Vintage lamp decorative in home

Fill in the blanks: Electric lamps are useful because they convert energy into energy.

  • Aelectrical, light
  • Blight, electrical
  • Cthermal, light


Chloe and Noah have just installed solar panels onto the roof of their house. They are discussing how the solar panels work.

Who is correct?

  • ANoah
  • BBoth Chloe and Noah
  • CChloe
  • DNeither Chloe nor Noah


Mason is rubbing his hands together quickly.

What type of energy is Mason changing kinetic energy into?

  • AElectrical energy
  • BLight energy
  • CPotential energy
  • DHeat energy


Which of these is an energy resource, not a form of energy?

  • ASolar
  • BHeat
  • CLight
  • DKinetic
  • ESound


Madison and her brother are playing in her bedroom.

Which energy changes are happening in Madison’s bedroom?

  • AElectric energy is released as light in the lamp.
  • BThe kinetic energy of the ukulele is released as sound.
  • CElectric energy becomes kinetic energy in the clock.
  • DThe elastic potential energy of the toy truck is transferred to kinetic energy.
  • EAll of the answers are correct.

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