Lesson Worksheet: Division by 8 and 9 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using various strategies such as repeated subtraction and times table facts to divide by 8 and 9.


Use the number line to calculate 32÷8.


Ali reached 32 after counting up by 8s four times. So, he understood that 32÷8=4.

Follow Ali’s method of counting up by 8s to find the result of 16÷8.


Find the missing number.


This robot divides any number by 8 and gives the result.

In this case, the number 16 gives a result of 2 as 16÷8=2.

What will the result be in the following case?

What will the result be in the following case?


Find the result of 8÷8.


Bandar says that 32÷8 is 4, and Ali says that 32÷8 is 5. Who is right?

  • AAli
  • BBandar


Apples are packed in bags of 8. To find the number of bags needed for 56 apples, we use division.

Pick another problem whose answer is 56÷8.

  • AFind the total number of balls when 7 balls are put all together with 8 balls.
  • BFind the number of boxes when 56 balls are put into boxes of 7.
  • CFind the number of bags when 56 pears are put into bags of 7.
  • DFind the number of teams when 56 children are put into teams of 8.
  • EFind the number of students when 8 students are absent out of 56.


Solve 9÷9.


Complete the table.

8 8


Fill in the following division table, starting from the left.

Number ÷56÷64÷72
  • A9, 8, 7
  • B8, 7, 6
  • C6, 7, 8
  • D7, 8, 9

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