Worksheet: Subtract to Compare

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the difference between two numbers and saying how much more or less one number is than another.


There are 9 rabbits and 4 carrots.

Subtract to find the difference.


  • A5
  • B4
  • C9

There are rabbits than carrots.

  • A5 fewer
  • B5 more


There are 8 cats and 5 mice.

Are there fewer cats or mice?

  • Amice
  • Bcats

Subtract to find the difference.


  • A13
  • B3
  • C5

There are mice than cats.

  • A3 fewer
  • B3 more


There are 7 books and 5 pens.

We can subtract to find how many more books there are.

There are 6 buckets and 2 spades.

Subtract to find the difference.

  • A8
  • B2
  • C4

There are buckets than spades.

  • A4 more
  • B4 fewer


There are 6 brushes and 4 paints.

We can subtract to find how many fewer paints there are.

There are 3 dogs and 7 bones.

Subtract to find the difference.

  • A10
  • B3
  • C4

There are dogs than bones.

  • A4 more
  • B4 fewer


Benjamin has 6 cats and 5 cows in his farm. He asked his son to compare which is more than the other. After subtracting 65, his son said, “The cows are more than the cats.” Is he correct?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Benjamin is 9years old. His brother is 2years old. Find the difference between their ages.


The same number belongs in both these boxes.

What is that number?


There are 9 frogs and 6 elephants.

After subtracting to find the difference, there are frogs than elephants.

  • A3 more
  • B3 fewer


There are 5 sheep and 7 dogs.

Subtract to find the difference: 75=.

Are there more sheep or dogs?

  • ADogs
  • BSheep


There are 5 books and 3 bags.

Subtract to find the difference: 53=.

Are there fewer books or bags?

  • ABags
  • BBooks


There are 3 red balloons and 5 blue balloons.

What is the difference between 5 and 3?

  • A4
  • B3
  • C2

Are there fewer red balloons or blue balloons?

  • ABlue balloons
  • BRed balloons

There are blue balloons than red balloons.

  • A2 fewer
  • B2 more


There are 5 rats and 3 pieces of cheese.

There are pieces of cheese than rats.

  • A2 more
  • B2 fewer

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