Worksheet: Bravais Lattices

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying primitive and base-, body-, and face-centered (P, C, I, and F) lattices from symmetry and atom positions.


Why are face-centered cubic (FCC) metals more ductile than body-centered cubic (BCC) metals?

  • AFCC lattices have a higher packing density than BCC lattices.
  • BFCC lattices have longer interatomic distances than BCC lattices.
  • CFCC lattices have weaker metallic bonds between atoms than BCC lattices.
  • DFCC lattices have more distinct planes of weakness than BCC lattices.
  • EFCC lattices have a higher coordination number than BCC lattices.


Which of the following statements about the 14 Bravais unit cells is incorrect?

  • AEach unit cell edge is equivalent in length.
  • BThe unit cell is the simplest repeating unit in the crystal lattice.
  • CEach unit cell edge connects equivalent points/atoms.
  • DOpposing faces of a unit cell are parallel.

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