Lesson Worksheet: Spin-Active Nuclei Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying spin values of common nuclei and common properties of nuclides with zero, half-integer, and integer spins.


Fill in the blank: Nuclei with even masses and odd numbers of protons and neutrons .

  • Ahave integer spins and can be observed by NMR
  • Bhave fractional spins and cannot be observed by NMR
  • Chave fractional spins and can be observed by NMR
  • Dhave integer spins and cannot be observed by NMR


Which of the following is not a 𝐼=12 system?

  • A13C
  • B14N
  • C19F
  • D1H


Why cannot 12C and 16O nuclei be observed by NMR spectroscopy?

  • AThey have zero spin and yield no signal.
  • BThey cause complex spin–spin interactions, which cannot be interpreted.
  • CThey have low natural abundance.
  • DThey interact too strongly with the magnetic field.

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