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Lesson Worksheet: Force and Motion Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing different forces and their effect on the motion of objects.


To move a static body, a person has to apply .

  • Aa friction force
  • Ba gravitational force
  • Can unbalanced force
  • Da balanced force


Grabbing a door handle and opening it towards you is an example of force.

  • Agravitational
  • Ba pushing
  • Ca pulling
  • Dfriction


When we apply unbalanced forces on a static ball, it will , while when we apply balanced forces on the ball, it will .

  • Astay still, speed up
  • Bslow down, move
  • Cmove, stay still
  • Dstay still, move


Gravitational force is the force that .

  • Apushes objects away from Earth
  • Bpulls objects away from Earth
  • Cpulls objects toward Earth
  • Dpushes objects forward


All of the following are examples of applying a pushing force except for .

  • Apassing a football to another player
  • Bopening a door towards you
  • Cclosing the drawer of a desk
  • Dhitting a cricket ball with a bat

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