Worksheet: Defining Capacitance

In this worksheet, we will practice relating capacitance to the net charge stored on surfaces and the electric potential difference between the surfaces.


What capacitance is needed to store 3.00 µC of charge at a voltage of 120 V?


A set of parallel plates has a capacitance of 5.0 µF. How much charge must be added to the plates to increase the potential difference between them by 100 V?


Calculate the voltage applied to a 2.00 µF capacitor when it holds 3.10 µC of charge.


What charge is stored in a 180.0-120.0 µF capacitor when 120.0 V is applied to it?


What voltage must be applied to a 13.00 nF capacitor to store 0.30 mC of charge?


What is the charge stored when 12.50 V is applied to a 5.00 pF capacitor?


A 55 pF capacitor is charged to a potential difference of 200 V. Its terminals are then connected to those of an uncharged 8.0 pF capacitor.

What is the original charge on the 55 pF capacitor?

What is the charge on the 8.0 pF capacitor after the connection is made?

What is the potential difference across the plates of the capacitors after the connection?

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