Lesson Worksheet: Calculating Change: Pounds and Pence Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the amount of change received using the fact that 100 pence equals one pound.


Isabella buys some fruits. The fruits cost £12 and ‏76p. Isabella buys with a £20 note. Use the given part-whole model to find how much change she gets.

  • A£8
  • B£8 and ‏76p
  • C£8‏ and 24p
  • D£7 and ‏24p


Michael has the amount of money shown and he buys a cupcake. How much money does he have left?

  • A£5 and ‏46p
  • B£4
  • C54p
  • D£4 and ‏54p


Ethan buys a cap. He pays for it with a 10-pound note. Using the number line below, find how much change he gets.

  • A£4 70p
  • B£16 30p
  • C£3 70p
  • D£4 30p


Jackson bought some erasers. They cost him £2 and 27p, and he paid £5. How much money should he get back?

  • A£2 and 63p
  • B£3 and 73p
  • C£3 and 63p
  • D£2 and 73p


Charlotte and her son Anthony are in the bakery. Charlotte buys a cupcake for £1 and 20p, a bread roll for 98p, and a loaf of bread for £1 and 79p. She pays with £5. How much change does she get?

  • A£1 and 11p
  • B£1 and 3p
  • C£3 and 97p
  • D£2 and 82p


Michael wants to buy the beach ball shown. He pays £5.

Find the change he receives.

  • A£4 and 63p
  • B£3 and 73p
  • C£3 and 63p
  • D£4 and 73p


Amelia used £20 to buy a bag of candy that cost her £8 and 45p.

Find the amount of change that she received.

  • A£12 and 45p
  • B£12 and 55p
  • C£11 and 45p
  • D£11 and 55p


Madison has £10. She buys a book that costs £7 and 45p. How much change does she get?

  • A£3 and 55p
  • B£2 and 55p
  • C£2 and 45p
  • D£3 and 45p


James buys some candy that costs £8 and 45p. He pays £10. Find how much change he gets.

  • A£2 and 45p
  • B£2 and 55p
  • C£1 and 55p
  • D£1 and 45p


Madison bought medicine from a pharmacy.

The medicine cost £17 and 45p. She paid with a 20-pound note.

How much change did she receive?

  • A£2 and 45p
  • B£2 and 55p
  • C£3 and 55p
  • D£3 and 45p

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