Lesson Worksheet: Division (Two-Digit Quotients) Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving division problems where the quotient is a two-digit number.


There are 57 candies to be divided equally among 3 children. Use long division to find how many candies each child gets.


Using long division, find the quotient and remainder of the following division:

  • A63 r1
  • B67
  • C6 r7
  • D64 r1
  • E60 r7


Find the result of this long division:


If Rania has 38 apples and she wants to pack them so that each pack is made of 6 apples, how many apples will remain without getting packed?

Hint: Use long division to solve.


Find the quotient of 134÷2.


Find the result of 64÷2.


Using long division, calculate 64÷5.

  • A12 R5
  • B13 R4
  • C6 R1
  • D9 R4
  • E12 R4


Find the result of the following:


Find the result of 63÷3.


The ministry of education divides books equally among the libraries of 6 schools. There are 500 books to be divided. Find the number of books that each school will receive and the number of the remaining books that will not be divided among the libraries.

  • A82, 8
  • B84, 2
  • C83, 0
  • D83, 2
  • E84, 0

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